Where Can You Purchase Database Info?

If you guys need a database set that you either don’t have time to build or don’t know how to find it theres a good chance you can find it on http://www.databasepool.com. Most of the databases cost but they aren’t that expensive and your looking at an average cost of $3 for a database of say fast food chains across the United States for example.


This is a great resource - thanks @Drearystate!

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I was just looking for something like this for a wayfair clone I’m developing…thanks!

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You can also access FCC databases using their search or an API

Oh APIs APIs…this will be a love/hate relationship with Glide and APIs for the unforeseeable future :slight_smile:

I agree, I already listed 2 databases of free API’s. I’ve been using some through google sheets scripts but I imagine this will be a lot cleaner.

Nice, but looks very US-centric…

If you know a little Javascript/Apps Script (or are willing to learn), then working with JSON API’s isn’t as daunting as you might think.

Apps Script provides a handy JSON.parse() method, which basically slurps an entire JSON response and loads it into a javascript object. And once you have that, you just pick out the bits you want, and do with them what you need to. Easy, really :grin:


Any chance you can make a tutorial on how to do it?


If your request gets 5 likes, I’ll make one :stuck_out_tongue:

I just gave you the first one…

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Good deal! :wink:

Ya that’s the issue…I don’t know much JavaScript.

@Darren_Murphy whoops that’s 5

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Stay tuned… crash course on its way, apparently :rofl:


This is a great place to start when it comes to importing API’s into sheets. I promise you if you follow the steps you’ll be doing it in no time.

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Did the Glide logo change?

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I hope this answers your question,

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Srry, I just hopped on for the day. Was at another location gathering criteria for a Power Bi app.