What's the difference between Sheets and Tables?

Thanks for the info @Darren_Murphy . But I thought there was a data export function somewhere? Any thoughts or opinions on it?

Yes, there is.
I’ve not used it, but I’d expect that it probably just gives you a full dump of every table.

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Thanks Darren. I see. A full dump but unorganized vs a Google sheet where it’s all set up exactly how you like it?

I’ll try and play around with that feature later this week myself as I’m trying to use a single Google sheet as database to power multiple front ends with Glide being one of them. But based on some of the user experiences I’ve read, am also thinking to might be good to just start with Glide tables for performance. Thanks again

Jumping in, I’ve used the export, you get an email with all data in Excel.


Thanks @Cisco_Muratalla ! But obviously the images wouldn’t be there unless they were pointing to a URL somewhere?

Sorry I don’t recall, not sure how or if the image(s) came over.

I believe every image you upload will be stored to Glide’s firebase and show up as a link so in the exported Sheet it would show up as a link.


Is it possible to stack a Glide tables with data?
do row in Glide tables count as rows till the limit of 25,000
for pro?
If I link a Glide table to several apps, the rows are counted in all apps or just in the original app?
Is there a way.
When exporting data is the data from Glide tables exported as well?
I have a table with 5K rows I need sheared in several apps. Not sure how to do that.

  1. I’m not sure what you mean

  2. All rows used in your app in anyway count towards your row count. (The 25,000 rows is a suggestion not a hard limit. If your app is not too complex you should be able to exceed that comfortably)

  3. I believe glide tables connected to several apps will add row counts to each one respectively. (Haven’t tried)

  4. No, exporting app data will not export the data from glide tables. (There’s a few posts in this forum about using a robot :robot: w/ glide tables to do that)

  5. If you need to share a table between apps then you could do that with a glide table.

I hope this helps!

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  1. I have a table in GS with 5K rows. Its for products and their nutrition values/ I nees to use it in more than one app. I was considering whether I use it from GS as is or convert to a Glide Table if there were any pros or cons to each

Glide Tables will enhance your app performance since the data does not need to be synced back and forth. However you can’t mass delete or mass upload yet.

If you have integrations to update the data from outside, let’s say a Zapier or Integromat scenario then Glide Tables is a no go.

It does get exported, alongside all user-specific columns @Eric_Penn.

Adding to this, only normal columns can be synced. Computed columns can’t be shared.

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One thing I’ve learned from Glide/ app building is that everything is possible.

Glide tables are your fastest option so I would use that as my first choice.

You could use a webhook with zapier or integromat and write the data to multiple GSheets at once in all of your apps (this is a little clunky and will be much much slower than synching with glide tables)

The 5K Table is a read only table.
So I dont have any option to upload all the data to the Glide table?

Thank you @ThinhDinh for pointing out that the data from glide tables DOES in fact get exported. And apologies to @Lin_Altshuler for the incorrect information.

I love learning from the experts here!

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At the moment it’s a no, you can’t mass upload a CSV or something like that yet. This might change in near future though.

@Eric_Penn I think this must be noted that computed columns won’t get exported :wink:

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@Darren_Murphy What is the best way to move Sheet data to a Glide Table?

Two options that I’m aware of:

The first option is a lot easier to implement and would probably be my preferred choice if the dataset isn’t too large. But for very large datasets then option 2 may be better.

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@Darren_Murphy Thank you!
What is the best way to link a Glide Table Column to Google Sheet?

Not sure I fully understand the question, Ralf.

Can you describe your use case?

I am planning to move the members register to a Glide Table. I need the column Members-ID in Google Sheets for various calculations.