Images in Template Store Apps - Urgent Problem!

I’ve been thinking more and more that we need a global resources table that is accessible everywhere, just like the user profile table, but isn’t linked to a specific user. @Darren_Murphy I do the same thing and pull in Images, CSS, or other resources into the user profile table, so I can apply changes globally throughout the app, but it gets messy after awhile, and yes, it’s not very useful when a user isn’t signed in.


yah, I also keep all my CSS in the User Profiles table.
With the recent changes that Glide have made (column grouping & component data search in particular), it’s become so much easier to manage. I love the fact that anytime I need to use a bit of CSS I can just drop in a rich text component and type “css” in the search bar, and…

boom! :boom: there they all are :smiley: