How to avoid duplicated info in the same topic?

I have an app that allows users to confirm their presence at the event. There are 2 important data that are essential.

  • Identify who is going to participate and who won’t from the event.
  • Get only the last answer about each person related to each event. The answers are duplicated at the moment.

Here you can see an example. My user should be present only once.

What do I need to do to avoid the duplicated answer? The idea is to present only the last answer from each event.

My database is built with a table that records all the answers from the users.

Thanks for all support.

if you record answers directly to the event row… and then relate it… there should be no duplications

Watch the below video tutorial:

Are you recording it in multiple rows? If you don’t want to go the Trebuchet way, you can:

  • Create a template joining the user’s email/ID with the event ID in the Events table, assuming you’re writing both of these fields in the destination table.

  • Do the same template column on the destination table’s side.

  • Create a relation from the Events table to the destination table using the 2 columns above.

  • The button to confirm or reject should write a new row to the destination table if the relation above is empty, else you do a set column to set the chosen value to the existing row in the destination table.