Create a Form that looks like an existing data entry

Hey people,
I am trying to build a booking app. In this app, I want hosts to be able to upload their rental homes. But the data shouldn’t be uploaded in a normal “list” aka one of the standard forms, but more like in the way it is later represented.

What I mean with that is that I would like to have abutton. Clicking on this button opens a dummy retreat, with empty grey areas where the pictures shall be displayed and empty textboxes in the exact size and position in which the user will see the info later displayed.

As of now, I only find a solution in which an existin retreat can be changed. In this way I would have exactly the features I need: picutres are in the place and the size where they are later displayed + text is where it is later displayed.

The picture below is an idea of what I would like to have a form look like. In this case it is just a rental home, whcih is already featured as a dummy in the app, which I am changing through clicking on the pen on the top right corner

What you need to do is add a custom action to your button, and on that custom action would be “Show Form Screen”. Then the first time you click on that button, you will see a default “add” screen which you can customize to point to the table that the custom add form will work on, and modify to look the way you want…

hey, thanks for the reply, but I still get only a form that looks like a list (see screenshot). I can modify this list but I want to make it look like the real posting the users will later see (first screenshot). In the simple list form, people do not know where to upload what. It would be much more intuitive to just click on the picture and exchange the picture with your desired choice instead of using this unintutive list…

Or do i get it wrong?

Your form shouldn’t be a form, but a new screen, with edit components, and a button at the bottom which does the “set columns” action. Search for “custom form” in the forum and there are a bunch of examples.

How do I create a custom form?

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