Calendar Component: more options needed for weekly/today view

I really want to use Glide’s calendar component more, but the weekly view wastes a significant amount of visual real estate.

Suggested improvements:

  • Option to hide weekends
  • Wrap events + times
  • Option to set start time threshold
  • Option to set end time threshold

Ya…this is just unusable. I can’t see what the event is.

Need title of event to be above the times like in Google Calendar:

Please vote!


I totally agree with you, Robert! This is all I was writing about yesterday. First, the fixes are are needed, then — improvements

This almost seems like a bug rather than a feature request.


I agree with this. Having some simple parameters to set show [start/end] times of a calendar day and a simple [Yes/No] for weekends in weekly view would be a big attraction for more Glide users and developers to want to use Glide calendar.

It’s currently very bulky when viewing in all devices.

In the scenario that an event is scheduled before or after the calendar shows visible, perhaps a [show more/show less] action button with an alert icon would be a possible solution to allow the calendar to expend when needed.


Another vote for this one.

I only want the calendar to show the working hours or the day and the right working days. Not every hour of the entire week.

Being able to adjust the default granularity would be a plus as well. In which I can change the time slots from the default hour to 15 or 30 mins. This might help with visually seeing the name of the event also.

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I’d like these features as well as all calendar functionality brought over from Classic apps. I personally think the Calendar view in Classic apps was much better suited for mobile viewing than the current version.

Agreed, I would make use of these features too. Granularity, and space saving. Having it scroll like the data table does would be helpful too.

It would also be awesome if multiple calendars could be joined side-by-side without having to separate 4 individual components, and then it scroll sideways if more are needed. I imagine this could be done by including a ‘calendar IDs’ column that we can then select in the component options to include each calendar. Maintaining the ability to filter per calendar is vital so I imagine that might be tricky.

Currently having 4 separate components is only marginally better than having everyone’s calendar in 1 component, but it’s clumsy, especially given they have their own navigation:

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We currently use Fresha, which is great, but doesn’t have a public API. We’re exploring Setmore which has early access to an API, but doesn’t look promising as for 2-way management. Google Calendar could be an option especially being able to make use of the pre-built integration for basic things.

We’re pining for an integrated solution, the impact of having it all done in Glide, with our existing CRM database would be unbelievably powerful, but the features are just too basic at the moment.

In Fresha we’ve had nearly 30,000 appointments in 4 years. This component could be so much more and if it was, it would immediately justify Business (for the row count, not for the virtue of having a useable calendar component :joy:)

I’ve been having an open ticket for fixing it for over two months now)