Avoiding Duplicate Entries

We are building a sales app.

Sales Representatives generate their leads and add into the app.

We want to setup a system where representatives can’t add lead if that’s already present into the system.

System should check for following before successful addition of lead.

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Company Name

So a lead wouldn’t be add if there are any of the phone/email/company name that matches something in the database, or it should check for a combination of all 3?

Yes, if details match with any of information, system will not add lead and give message to representative that lead is already in database.

Then I would advise you to create a custom form.

With those 3 fields, you would create 3 relations that match with the existing phone, email and company name columns in your database.

If there are any relations that is not empty, you don’t allow them adding a row to that Sheet.

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