Adding Submit button to a form instead of the tick mark at the top

Excellent work @ThinhDinh :clap:

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@Robert_Petitto, I managed to center the title, by doing a trick that I learnt from one of your older videos. I used the empty whitespace character after the title name.



@ThinhDinh Hi, How did you manage to make the image stretch all the way to the top?

Here’s a working template.

<a style="position: absolute; width:100%; top: -105px; right: 0%; z-index:-2; opacity: 1" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a>
<a style="position: absolute; width:100%; top: -105px; right: 0%; z-index:-2; opacity: 1" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
<div style="background: linear-gradient(to top, #282828 25%, #787878 75%); margin: 0%; padding-bottom:400px;"></div>
<a style="position: absolute; width: auto; top: -105px; right: 0%; z-index:-1; opacity: 0.5;" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
<img style="object-fit: cover;" height="400" src="{I}">

Change the {I} to your image link.


Thanks. Is there a way to use the image component to stretch it to the top, rather than using a image link? i would like to Image to be dynamic every screen.

Can you specify more about what you want to be dynamic? You can use my code in a template column and change the {I} part for each row’s image, then use it in a rich text component.

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ok got that to work, thanks, but why is my image foggy?


CSS version:

@Amal Check if opacity: 1; if it’s less than 1, it will be like this, kinda foggy

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@Lucas_Pires thanks fixed it. On another topic, can you please tell me the size of the a button, so when i design one outside as an image its the right dimensions

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Tried that, thanx for the hint!

However, when a user fills in the fields and submits data, a new row is created with this data. But after that this users sees all fields pre-filled with the last submitted data. How can I fix that?

I made user-specific columns, which solved the problem for other users, but not for the same one.

UPD: Solved. In the custom action I added “Set columns” with “Clear field” for each user-specific column.
Looks like a detailed step-by-step guide is needed for this case.

Besides, how do you make custom CSS? I understand you can write CSS in “Rich text” component, but how can you make them affect other components?

@vijay Check out the answer here for showing a thank you page after submit.

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I have used below mentioned CSS code which appeared to be link this (scrensoot). Please let me know how I can solve this ussue. How can I make it stable on the bottom of my form and how I can change the name of submit button.

[data-test=“nav-bar”] :nth-child(3) {
position: fixed;
bottom: 8%;
display: block;
[data-test=“nav-bar”] :nth-child(3) :nth-child(2) {
background-color: blue;
padding: 0 130px;
margin-left: 15px;
border-radius: 7px !important;

I think you can’t change the name of the button. With the latest developments from Glide, I prefer a custom form with an “add row” button instead.

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How about you do a small session on this to me to explain what it means and how to use?

The visuals in this make it really easy to understand…

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Thanks brother,
I think I need something even more basic to understand css better and the way it’s structured

yeah, I know what you mean. CSS has always been a bit of a mystery to me, and I never really got any further than the very basics. But I’ve been forcing myself to learn a bit more since I started with Glide.

I’m also trying but don’t really have time to do a course and in general I’m more of a ad-hoc autodidact kind of person and would love to find a knowledge center that center the info and allow easy understanding of the structure and definitions.
Yet to find one

Sorry brother, I have been really busy but when I find time, at least I will try to document it for you.

I don’t really have deep knowledge about CSS. It’s also an ad-hoc thing for me based on client’s requests. Maybe when you get the basics you can take it from there and just trial and error.

Yep. I guess no way around spending time to learn the basics

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