Zip Code Search/Current Location not working

Hello Everyone,

I have a directory app that utilizes the geolocation and Zip code search. Both used to work with my inline list but now they don’t.

Any insight would be great!!!

@George-Glide and the rest of the engineering team is still looking into this issue.

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Please create a support ticket using this link Submit a request – Glide It always helps see another app with the problem to compare the similarities. Please record a video explaining the issue in detail.


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I have this same issue here, I opened a ticket a lo g time ago and the response from glide:" we are not looking to fix this issue for now" :worried:. This means that I’m gonna have to not use the map layout as I have a filter based on distance, and it simply doesn’t work. Funny enough, it works if the app is not installed on the phone, but if you install it, it doesn’t record the location, and hence the filter doesn’t work

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