[WINNERS ANNOUNCED] Community Challenge: Five Years of Glide ๐ŸŽ‰

Hola @NoCodeAndy !

I was going to ask where to post my APP and its features because I couldnโ€™t know how people would see all the APPS submitted via LinkedIn or Twitter. Anyway, here is my APP launched months ago as demo and proof of concept.

I will soon add some AI features to create automatic charts based on user needs and make the app a little smarter.

APP: https://myfactory.glide.page
Tagline: A Mobile Supervisory System based on Glide
Purpose: Glide working as GUI/Front-end for IoT projects
Description: Further details and a better explanation of my APP here ๐Ÿšจ Glide working as GUI for IIoT projects
LinkedIn post: Gustavo A. Valero P. on LinkedIn: #glideapps #iiot #iot #vnode

Happy weekendโ€ฆ saludos!