Who has the same problem of MINE?

I can try to remove it :sunglasses:

I did.
As I wrote in the ticket the only difference than usual is that I changes the GoogleSheet DB from one user (this one) to another one (the developer user).
Hopefully you can fix it.
Probably if I just duplicate the project, will going to work.
if you want I can try, let me know.

I started facing this same problem today, it is happening to me exact same way (when traying to update a columng from a relation).

Hola @Jesus_Valenzuela_Dia

Could you share a video of this, please?

Sure, here you are scrnli_15_10_2021 15-13-32.mp4 - Google Drive

Let me know if you have any problem to see the video.

I confirm you, just duplicating the project with a copy of the sheet (creating another sheet) it’s working correctly.

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Sorry @MIKAHEL, but I am not properly understanding your solution, could you please help me to understand?


From the main menu (where you run the project) via the 3 dots you can DUPLICATE the project. If you do this, the system will ask you to use the same spreadsheet or to create a new one, you have to choose to create a new one.
Then the new project will work correctly.

@MIKAHEL @SantiagoPerez but my current app is a pro version, how should I transfer switch the subscription to the new app?

You can eventually.
You just need to unsubscribe from this and glide will give you back the credit to use somewhere else.
But before to do that, better to contact them about this, because they must give you back from the day you got the problem.

There is another point, when you are going to create another project, you will loose all the non physical DB fields (like the User specific column, db relation, lookup, calc etc…), So you have to rebuild everyone of those.

Good luck.

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Hi, I’m facing a similar problem, described here:

I’m using the “set column value” function to write the ID of the current list item to a global table. This list table A is referenced by a templated key value “1” and this one is related to the global table B. The solution works when using Glide tables for A and B. This workaround is screen recorded here: Vimeo

However, I do have a GoogleSheet table for A and a Glide table for B. In this case, the “set column function” does not work, no value is written to table B. So, after a lot of trial and error, I’m guessing the problem is caused by the interaction between different table versions: GoogleSheets ← → Glide

Can you please check? @SantiagoPerez @ThinhDinh

Same problem here!
Set Column to a relation is not working.

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Any clue of when this will be fixed?
This is a very basic actions that functions all over my app.
I have 2 pro apps down.
Are we looking at a few days? or should I start building workarounds?

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@Lin_Altshuler shoukd be fixed now

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I just made a test, but it seems to me that there is no differences.
let see what the other say.

Yes thank you!
working now…
That was really intense for me :sweat_smile:

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