Welcome to the Glide Community!

Welcome to the Glide Community! :wave:t3:

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Glide on!


Hi! Can you please tell me how can I share my apps?
I have recently joined this community?
I have created a COVID 19 Tracker App?


Hi Everyone!

I am a software engineer from Toronto, Canada. Learned about Glide just two months back. Have been trying a few templates and building apps. Currently working on an app for a client that is a community social media posting app. Enjoying the journey so far. Kudos to the Glide team for creating such an interesting platform. Looking to build more and Glide along.



Hey, can you tell me how can we make the users post images like we do in normal social media platforms?
Can you please guide me. I am a beginner.

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Hi Khushi,

Image Picker component would allow you to let the users to upload the images. You can have a media_link column which will be pointed to as the User Input for the picker.

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Let’s use this category properly. Shall we?

Hello Glide Community!

I’m Joey hiding by the name SeekFirst. :smile: I’m from the Philippines. I’m working on some app templates for now as I glide my way in learning Glide. :slight_smile: I hope to build Glide apps that could generate additional income or potentially a business out of it. :wink:

I want to take this opportunity to say, Thank you Glide for making it easy to make beautiful apps! God bless! :pray:


Hello Glide Community!

I am Famees from United Arab Emirates. I found Glide apps last year and created 3 apps for my company. I have introduced glide to one of my friends and he created an app easily.

Hats off all creators who worked hard for this organization.

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