Webview not opening on iPhone (but works on Android & designer)

My app’s URL: Glide

I have added a floating button on my home screen to open a webview for:

It works properly on Android devices and on my desktop in designer mode. BUT when I use it on iPhones (multiple) the screen is blank. The URL is correctly there… I can copy the URL and paste it into a browser window. But the webview is not working.

I checked with @Wiz.Wazeer who has some experience with Tawk.to… and this looks like a bug on iOS. Thanks! M

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(and thanks, Glide team, for looking into this - and chatting with me in tawk.to.) … the short term fix is to just use ‘open link’ to have a working experience for iOS and Android. Thanks!

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Will the iPhone bug with Glide’s Webview be fixed?
What was the Glide team’s view?

It might be an iOS problem… so dependent on Apple. I think the lesson for the moment is to make sure you really test your app if you plan on using ‘open webview’ in your pro app to make sure it works on the devices you need.

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it seems that Tawk.to no longer allows to be embedded

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that would explain things…

oh well, it was nice while it lasted…

And I am very happy that I did not include the service on my first versions of the app :slight_smile: no one will miss what they never knew they had!

Sorry for others who are relying on them though!!

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The Webview display issue on the iPhone may be resolved.
At least it’s visible on my iPhone (older model).
Use the following code in rich text.
★ The numerical value of “nth-of-type (1)” is the order of placement of Webview components.
★ Adjust “height: 8000px;” to an appropriate value.

div[id*='screenScrollView'] > div > div:nth-of-type(1) {

I hope you have good luck today.

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I’ll try it and report! Thanks!