Webhook is not sending correct Row ID, random Row ID is generated

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Describe the bug:
When using a Row ID via the webhook, a random new ID is being generated, instead of sending the one for the linked database value.

Expected Behaviour:
Send the chosen Row ID.


Can you show us what your script linked with your webhook does?

@ThinhDinh Please check this Loom here.

I am certain that a new ID is being generated in Glide instead of using the Row ID I am trying to send.

As you can see in the loom, I am logging the raw event payload and it does have a random ID in it.

It does look like a bug.
I think in your first video you mentioned that you couldn’t find the ID referenced anywhere else. It would probably be worthwhile doing a full scan of all sheets for that ID, just to confirm that it isn’t being picked up from elsewhere.

Unless Thinh or anyone else has any bright ideas, I’d suggest logging a support ticket with Glide:

Glide Support

Side point: If you use console.log() as opposed to logger.Log(), you should be able to view the output in the execution logs.

I can confirm that the IDs are not referenced anywhere else in the sheet, I checked.

Thanks for the pointer with the console.log!

I’ll create a support ticket