We need Wide/Full Screen back for Table / Desktop view

My app’s URL: bisonautofleet.com

@david Please have Glide work on putting back wide/full screen view when apps are accessed from a tablet or desktop. That feature was an option about a few weeks ago then got removed. Now when myself or customers access my app “bisonautofleet.com” from a desktop/laptop the content isn’t appearing wide/full screen as it used to before and it is such an inconvenience. Currently when accessed the content takes up the middle portion of the screen and there’s just black (dead) space on both sides of the content. It opens perfectly fine on mobile devices but doesn’t look appealing when the app is open on a tablet or desktop/laptop and this is a major factor for me. I’m a huge fan of Glide and I love the service, in fact I’ve built several apps on this platform. I also have the Pro version on a few of the apps, I’m just really hoping that this issue is rectified and put back as an option in a timely manor under “tablet/desktop mode”. Customers that I’ve built apps for are complaining to me about this issue and it is a deal breaker for them. Please have your team work on reinstating that option, thank you in advance!

ooooh just you wait a few weeks ;D


Oh, we definitely did not remove Tablet mode in Pro.

Your app is definitely in Tablet mode:

Your content is restricted to the middle of the screen because you are using Details screens. List screens display full-screen.

Here is an example of a top-level Calendar screen in tablet mode:

Here is a details screen, whose content width is limited:

Out of curiosity, is that a technical limitation?
I almost always use details screens because I find list screens too restrictive. But the trade off is a somewhat crappy user experience in desktop mode. Would be nice to have the best of both worlds :slightly_smiling_face:


When accessed from a desktop my app used to open like (Image 1):

Now it is opening like (Image 2):

Btw thank you for the speedy reply @david, so you’re saying in about a few weeks full/wide screen for desktop view will be back up and running and my apps will be able to open as it did in Image 1? Just want to confirm.

What he’s saying is that In a couple of weeks you’ll have a nice way to display full/wide screen content.


Good to know the timeline on when this feature will be available again. Thank you @Robert_Petitto, my mind will be at ease once full/wide screen will be back up and running for desktop/laptop view.

Thank you both @david @Robert_Petitto



@david are there any updates on this, it’s approaching 1 month now and still waiting for full/wide screen to be back up and running on desktop view. David, I know you guys are continuously making improvements on Glide and other tasks may get forgotten about. Full/wide screen view on desktop is important to me, I hope this is still in progress to be resolved. May I have an update please because I am working on an app for someone and it is important that their app show wide screen on desktop. I really hope that feature comes back available soon.

Hola @Apptrepreneur

The feature David mentioned earlier is already available. It’s Glide Pages which has the ability to be display in full desktop view.

Here’s the link to the beta announcement.

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If you want wide view on apps, upgrade to Pro and enable tablet/full-screen mode. That is the only option for wide-screen apps.

You previously were somehow displaying your app as a stretched-wide phone app–that should not be available–we don’t consider not having it a bug and it will not be brought back.


My apps are Pro and that option you mentioned “enable tablet/full-screen mode” is not available to me. Refer to image below:

Sorry, Tablet mode is automatically enabled. You have selected the correct option, so your app will open wide-screen on desktop:

This is the only wide-screen layout for apps–tablet mode. You have it on, there is no other wide-screen layout.

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