Visibility and filter conditions aren’t recognizing a column

I am suffering what seems like a bug in my app. One particular column isn’t reflecting its logical changes to components in my app without a complete reboot of Glide. I see the column’s data change in the data editor, but the components that have visibility and filter changes based on that data change remain the same until I either close out the app completely (on phone) or reload the browser page. All other data columns work fine. I can even see other components updating in the app (about 10 seconds after submitting data to the sheets which causes various recalculation). This particular column in question also seemed bugged because for a while, there was a piece of data in the Glide editor in that column that was different from its sheets counterpart, and no refreshing or reloading of anything would fix it. I had to eventually just change it manually in the Glide editor (luckily it was an input column and not a formula based column)

To be clear, this isn’t an issue of Glide not pulling in my sheets data. Data is coming in with a bunch of other data columns that are working well with their corresponding components. I can see the data in the editor, but the conditions that should be met by the data change aren’t affecting their components until I reboot the app or reload the browser screen (I left the app without a reboot for several hours as a test). If I open the app on another device the Visibility/Filter changes are reflected fine. Just not on the app that made the updates to the data itself.


Could you make a video and share your app, please?

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I’d wait for Mark to take a look to see if there is an actual bug, but I would probably create a brand new column and migrate and data over if they don’t find anything.

It might be an issue with the condition on the component. So if he can’t find the bug, I’d hope it could be resolved by just creating a new component with the same conditions. I hope I don’t have to migrate the data to a new column since that one is in sheets and has lots of logical interplay with other columns and scripts, so would be a pain to go through all of that.

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Hey @John_Cabrera - what you describe sounds awfully similar to an issue I identified last week with an [add to cart] button component in my app. It may be different in your case but Mark indicated it was a bug after seeing videos. As of yet, the behavior hasn’t changed.

In the app, I have producers that sell during specific and varying sales windows so add to cart buttons are not static. They are controlled by computed columns which, at the moment, don’t display unless browser is refreshed and app is reloaded a couple of times.

I’ve tried rebuilding columns, components, you name it. Everything looks right in the data editor (I can see the values change from true to false) but expected changes don’t materialize in the app/browser.

Here’s what I have for visibility. Curious to know if there are any similarities.

  • Accepting Orders - TRUE


  • Product Available - Not empty (this is an If/Then column to translate a boolean into the product’s name)
  • Product Sold out - is FALSE
  • Is within sales window - is true

The last condition - “Is within ales window”:

  • Is a template column combining two If/Then columns, derived from two other If/Then columns: Sales window START (datetime) before now + Sales window (datetime) END after now.
  • I noticed just now that it’s set to “includes” instead of “is.” Fairly certain that isn’t what I set.

@Rasha If I recall your bug was that values that depended on the current time didn’t update as time passed. That particular bug should be fixed now. Is it not?

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@Mark have the same type of issue with “filter” in the layout component

  • I select a column name A
  • But the filter display the name of column B

[edit] In fact, it appears that I renamed these columns, and that the filter keeps the old name]


@AyS_0908 That’s a bug that’ll be fixed soon. It does not affect the functionality of the filter.


Hi Mark - That’s right. Buttons weren’t coming on/displaying when the sales window started (value switched from false > true), nor were they reverting to their hidden state when that window closed (value switched from true > false). I tested 30 minutes ago, not as extensively, and didn’t see a change. Will test some more when back at my computer later.

Edit: Tested again just now. Worked perfectly 2/4 times in the app (1 crash, 1 no change), 4/4 in the browser. This is the first I haven’t had to reload the browser to see the change so the fix definitely went in there :+1:t3:

The app crashed once and one time it didn’t change???

Could you please make a video of the crash?

And the one time it didn’t change: are you sure it should have? Did you wait for a while?