Vimeo videos Not Loading for some users

My app’s URL:

When you try to open a video, it opens up as normal but when you press play it takes you to a blank loading screen. It then takes you back to the programs then quickly back to the video. Nothing happens after.

When I try it using the app downloaded on the computer, it opens and plays, however, if I try to maximize my screen size, it takes me to the home page and cuts off, just like the phone.

Can anyone give me a solution? This is not happening for all our users (over 5000) - just some. We have asked them to log out, log back in, delete, reinstall etc. and nothing works.

Can you show a video of that happening?

Hi Jeff - i’ve attached the video!

(Attachment WhatsApp Video 2021-07-22 at 16.09.13.mp4 is missing)

Hi Jeff. Here is some add’l info about the error that is being encountered in the app (I am the developer that set up the app for Area Strength).

  • There are several areas in the app where videos from Vimeo are embedded. The same behavior occurs for all videos.
  • The behavior only occurs for a small set of users. It appears that most users are not affected. I’ve reviewed the users that have reported the issue and don’t see anything different in their set-up that might be causing an issue.
  • The users that are reporting the problem previously had the ability to play these videos.
  • No updates to the app have been made recently through the builder.
  • No data was added to the google sheet recently.

and here is a link to the video of the error.

When you say embedded, are you using the video component, or are you embedding through a web view? Do the video urls have modifications to the autoplay and/or playsinline query parameters?

Video component.

What about the url query parameters I asked about above?

The videos have no query parameters.

I’ve more than 300 vimeo video files running on glideapp.
Its working fine for me.

Tell your users to open glideapp into google chrome only. This doesn’t work smooth in other browser.

And what about the users install the app in their phones?

It’s working fine…