Using GIF in inline list problem on iOS

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when adding a GIF image to an inline list with 2 tiles or more horizontally, it is blinking in iOS systems, all other systems are good.
in this video I made a sample, the GIF as a inline is blinking and same GIF as an image is working good.

Are you sure this isn’t self-inflicted with all the CSS in your app?

Easy way to prove that it isn’t would be to remove all CSS and then see if the issue is still present.

this specific screen don’t have any CSS, i play around with it and my conclusion is that is tiles or cards list with GIF image

on the left panel is not blinking… both panels have no CSS. @Darren_Murphy

i tried in other screens… and same results

so… I know is not GIF settings problem, because is working on the left side…
is not Safari problem, because is working on the left side
is not CSS problem, there is no CSS on these screens
is not list view problem, because on the left side is also a list
only conclusion is … bug in right panel Glide settings for list view in iOS, because is working on any other OS.
Ps; it works as a regular picture component on the right panel in iOS.