User-specific values reset randomly

I should have clarified…the row would only be written after the last question is answered. I assume the results would have to be written permanently somewhere so an admin could view the results. Only keeping them in user specific columns would make it impossible for the admin to see the results. So the USC columns would be temporary placeholders to use to calculate results and build the rollup and joined list. After the last question is answered, then those results are written to a separate sheet.


I do tally up the overall score and write it to a separate sheet at the end of each quiz.
I guess I could store all the student answers in USC columns, but the admin (the teacher) wouldn’t be able to see which questions the students got right/wrong.

So far the possible solutions are:

  1. Store answers in a native Glide Table
  2. Store answers in user-specific columns (but lose admin access to students answers)
  3. Glide fixes the issue…

Any other ideas?

That’s why I mentions the joined list, so you could build a template with question number, answer, and if it’s correct or not. That would be part of the joined list that written to the final sheet.

There are ways to take a joined list and repopulate the answers in the quiz view, but it gets a lot more complicated.

Have you contacted glide support yet?

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If you must use usc , or redoing app is too much work, just find a way to calculate answers using glide logic columns before writing to Google sheets. and then when quiz is completed have a button with action to move answers to gs.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager. I’ll look into using joined lists.

Yes. I contacted Glide support. Waiting for an answer.

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@Jeff_Hager so to use joined lists, first I would need to store each the answer (Correct/Wrong) in a new user-specific column inside the question table to avoid creating new rows in the Google Sheet, correct?

May be you could point me to an example. Thanks!

Yes, that is correct. Have a look at these examples. All of them use joined list, but Roldy’s example actually allows you to save the results.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager - I’ve implemented a solution where I store all the answers on a new user-specific column inside the questions table instead of writing them to the answers table in Google Sheets. It seems to be working for now.

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