User-specific values reset randomly

My quiz app uses a user-specific column to store the current quiz question number which I increase by 1 every time a question is completed.

About 1 in 10 questions, the user-specific value resets to a previous value which causes the quiz to go 1 or 2 questions back.

Then, after 5 to 6 seconds later, it automatically reverts back to the current question.

See recording:


It seems user-specific columns have a glitch when saving new data.

Is there a solution/workaround to avoid this issue?

My app’s URL:



Don’t let me drive. Didn’t do very well on some of the tests. But I didn’t experience any issues with the counter flipping back and forth. I’ll try again later.

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Thanks for trying @Jeff_Hager - It doesn’t happen all the time. But when it does, about every 2 or 3 quizzes, it can be quite confusing for students taking the test.

Any app relying on user-specific values for pagination would experience the same issue. Have you ever seen a similar problem?

Any help with this bug?
I have a client that cannot use their Quiz app after investing weeks adding content.
They say the problem has gotten much worse and now in a 25 question quiz, the questions will reset back up to 9 times!

As I mentioned, the current quiz question number value is stored in a user-specific column, but for some reason, when a new value is added (the next question number), it saves it for a few seconds and then it resets back to the former value for up to 10 seconds before reverting to the correct value.

This makes the app completely unusable for my client :frowning:

Please help!

you might have some values being written to google sheet… so when glide is refreshing it recalculates with GS values that are not updated yet in Glide table, i had similar issue and that was the problem.

Same here.

I had tried your app a second time a few days ago, but only got the issue to happen once. Tried to screen record it afterwards and it didn’t happen again. Tried it again just now and had it happen in the same quiz. It seems kind of similar to a problem @rayo was running into. His was a lot more consistent. In both cases, it’s like the phone’s copy of the DB gets updated, then syncs the update to the glide server, but glide sends back the old DB version before updating again with current version that has the updated value. I can’t really explain or understand what could be happening.

Have you contacted Glide support? This seems like a deeper issue than what can be handled in the forum.


You’re correct. Every time a user completes a question, I store the result in the Google Sheet.
I need to do this to calculate the score at the end of the quiz and to show which answers were correct/wrong. How did you solve the problem?

You can do calculations directly within glide. Is there a specific google sheet function that can’t be done in glide?

To calculate the score, I need to count the number of correct/wrong answers which I’m already doing with Glide using a Rollup column, but first I need to store those answers in the Google Sheet. It seems the problem stems from adding a new row to the results table in the Google Sheet every time a user answers a question. Interestingly, when the user retakes the quiz the problem stops because instead of adding new answer rows, I’m updating the previous answers.

So adding rows to GS resets the question number (stored in a user-specific column), but updating rows doesn’t. So weird!

So you are or are not doing computations or using formulas exclusively in the Google sheet? If not, would it be better to write the rows to a glide table instead? It might be syncing data from the google sheet prior to writing the row, but I wouldn’t think that would affect your user specific column value. Not really sure what’s going on there.

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can you try if a guest user (not signed in) can go through a quiz without the problem happening?

I think there is a problem regarding user specific columns and signed in users. i don’t think it has to do with Google Sheets

how is the results table structured? and the other major tables involved in this issue

@rayo Didn’t get to reply yet in your other thread yet, but the difference with user specific columns is that they will not sync to the server if you are not signed in. They are only stored locally on the device. If you are signed in, then user specific column do sync and store on the glide server. That might be part of the difference you are seeing in your case when signed in and when not signed in.

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True. thats exactly why I think its the ‘sync to the server’ with the user specific column that is causing the issue.

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I can’t try that because users need to be signed in to take quizzes and to be able to store the quiz results.

I may need to make a copy of the app and change the logic so non-signed users can take quizzes to see if the problem goes away.

Correct. No computations in Google Sheets.

I could try a native Glide Table to store results and see if that helps. But I agree, I’m not sure why adding rows to a Google Sheet can affect values stored in user-specific columns. That seems to be a bug.

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why is a row added for every answer a user submits?
shouldn’t it be 1 row for every question in the quiz and then a user specific column showing that use’s answer?

On @Rayo’s note, maybe you could restructure so the user specific values and the results for each question could be summarized in a rollup or joined list column and written to a new single row with the joined list of answers and the final score. It would save rows and ultimately eliminate your issue with the USC temporarily reverting back.


in my case (checking out orders) i had to add a new row for every order so its nearly impossible to run away from this problem, but in the quiz app, i would assume client answers would go in user specific columns with out adding new rows.

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