Uploading images failed

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Since yesterday we’re experiencing some uploading problems when we take pictures with our glide app. Files can’t be uploaded and the app asks to try it again later, it’s the first time in 1 year that this problem occurs.

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Any chance you have gone over the storage limit?

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I don’t think so. I’m still having 1500 free rows and the spreadsheet is quite basic.
Where can I check the storage limit in my Glide platform?

I think its on your top right
Beside the share button

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Hover your mouse on the Upgrade (if you are on free plan) button on top right next to Share and you can see the usage.


Some users was also complaning about it

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Apparently my app exceeded the 100MB of images and files in the free version. I assume Glide lowered those limits this week.

Until you are ready to go for a plan which includes more storage you could upload the images to cloudinary.

You can get inspired about how to use the image picker and cloudinary and storing no images in glide

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I think the limit for free apps was always 100mb. They just didn’t enforce it until now.

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Yeah, I had a client talking about this as well, so probably the enforcement was put into place sometime this week.


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