Updates to Glide’s new plans and pricing

We announced our new plans and pricing last week. Since then we’ve been talking to more customers and following the community conversations.

Thank you for all the comments!

While we’re confident that these plans are the right direction, we also know that there’s always room for improvement.

The community has been clear about their needs for the Maker plan, so that’s what we’re focusing on first.

Changes to the Maker plan

  • File storage increased from 1GB to 5GB
    One of the most requested changes is now live in the platform.

  • Personal Users now include more non-profits and personal emails
    We’ve added more domains to the database since last week. Use the Personal User Validator to see if yours was included. If it’s not, let us know using the Validator’s feedback tool.

  • Glide AI
    The full set of Glide AI actions and computed columns, now 8X more powerful.

  • Coming soon: Push Notifications and Gmail integration
    We’ll continue evaluating which integrations come to Maker.

  • In development: New Make and Zapier integrations
    These will let you write to Glide Tables without using Glide API.

  • In development: Ability to purchase additional published apps
    Look out for more details in the coming weeks.

More perks for Glide Experts

If you’re an agency or freelancer building Glide apps for clients, you should be a Glide Expert.

We’ve heard from many community members who build apps for clients, but who aren’t in the Glide Experts program.

If you haven’t joined, you’re missing out on revenue sharing, exclusive resources and events, product betas, and Expert-only tools.

That includes our new Agency plan for Certified Experts. With the Agency plan, you can create 30-day Business plan free trials without a credit card.

Here’s @BrettH, our Head of Experts, with more info:

Join the Glide Experts program via your Account Settings:

Plus: 25% discount on new Team and Business for a year, exclusively for Glide Experts and their clients

This offer is active until Friday, February 23rd. To claim it:

  1. Join the Glide Experts program
  2. Contact Brett via the Experts Hub
  3. We’ll apply the discount to your client’s team

We’ll continue listening to feedback and adjusting our plans.

Please keep the comments going in this thread.

Thank you! :pray:


Very disappointed with this change of prices and functionality, all my smalls apps become too expensive if a new copy must needed, fixed cost is a real problem.
I think this changes are nice to big clients or developers, all small solution are out, too expensive.
I use very extensive the appscript, the integration between gsheet and google suite, and Glide as frontend. Some clients needs to start with free or cheap plans, and then when they grow up an upgrated plan will be possible.

The older free plan and started plan was amazing to start!!!

Please, let me know if Glide review this plans/pricing change, I will be looking for another platform.



I think Glide is an awesome platform and the community is second to none; I would hate to see a change in pricing structure change that.

Taking into account Glide’s needs and the concerns of Gliders who have taken time to comment over the last week, I wonder if a simple tweak to the new pricing structure might solve the majority of concerns.

I can’t find the post from @david back in Aug or Sep 2023, but I remember him mentioning there were companies subverting the terms of service and finding “creative” ways to exploit Team plans to avoid upgrading to a Business or Enterprise plan. I believe this was one of the main reasons for redefining users and charging for certain types of users based on domain.

Since Glide is redefining users as “personal” or “business” now based on the email domain, why not allow unlimited personal users on both Maker and Team plans, then charge for additional “business” users across all paid plans based on email domains?

Have a Maker project with 7 users using a business domain, you get charged an additional $28 per month.

Have a Team plan with 3 projects with a total of 329 users and 23 of those users have business domains, you get charged an additional $92 per month.

Have a Business plan? You are allowed 20 users and pay $4/user for every user after that just like the new pricing structure indicates.

There would still be well-defined benefits between and reasons to choose one plan over another — number of published apps (I would suggest reducing the Team plan from unlimited apps to just 3), editors, updates, key features, and support — but changing how users are calculated might help a lot of us to find better fits for existing projects without having to completely reshuffle existing projects between teams, accounts, and multiple plans or, worse case, stop using Glide.

With this small tweak, Team plans can no longer be leveraged to avoid upgrading to Business or Enterprise plans (if Enterprise is still available?), but freelancers, entrepreneurs, and individual advocates can still do work for non-profits, educational institutions, and communities in need without getting priced out. These types of organizations usually have very limited funds (e.g., they work off donations, small grants, etc.), but they do very important work and should not be left out of this discussion.

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I completely agree. The pushback is now, “if we cater to these, we will never grow.” I was told yesterday (very politely) by another Glide user, “nothing is free.”. I am not asking for free. I am currently on the non-profit plan. $25 was perfect for our small organization. We feel we have an impact on the people we serve. But the people we serve are not going to start donating big bucks for our services. Most non-profits are like that. This is more than just a price change – went through one of those a while back when they canceled the $10/mo plan. This restructuring of plans and suddenly dropping a plan like the Starter and non-profit tiers is what really hurts. It would be super-easy to keep the non-profit plan the way it was, and then add on pricing for usage, so that larger non-profits could not take advantage of Glide. Starter was also a good price-point for many smaller businesses. I do not think that pricing out the smaller non-profits and smaller businesses is the answer. Instead, restructure the Starter and Non-Profit tiers to accommodate the intended people and force larger entities with higher throughput data needs to other tiers.

Even from a business perspective: if I were younger and looking for a job, I’d like to be able to hone my Glide skills so I could put it on a resume. Then when a large corporation hired me, I’d be poised to at some point bring up Glide as a solution to one of their problems, and bring Glide into a place it might not have ever gone. With the “Made by Glide” on all my screens, it tells users of my App that there is a way they, perhaps, can use Glide for something they need.

There are people subverting the terms of service and finding “creative” was to exploit the Free Plan as well. That probably won’t change with this restructuring. I am sure Glide has analytics in place to know who is doing what.

Will the increased storage need to be purchased? If so, I think that 10 GB is a fairer baseline (rather than 1 GB). My largest App (the only one that goes over 1 GB) is currently at 4.7 GB. It probably won’t go much higher. It has one editor (me), and is read-only for everyone else (with the exception of User Specific Columns). All my other Apps could be transferred to the new Free plan (on 25 different teams – again, it seems silly).

Already seeing a doubling of my price for the same service, which is a steep price increase by anyone’s standards. I saw one comment from an expert, “No one is forcing you to the new priced plans”. That’s just rude. Of course, we will eventually be forced to do it. The condescension coming from the advocates of these New Plans (it’s not simply a price increase, right?) kind of astounds me. This community is the biggest reason I chose Glide in 2021 over the other system I was looking at. The atmosphere has certainly changed.

Does the Maker Plan support Classic Apps? My largest App, the one I will eventually be forced to move to Maker, is a Classic App. I don’t think this question has been asked, and the answer will certainly determine whether I can even continue with Glide.

Not personal enough?


We’re using a business info API to lookup whether a domain is personal or not, and if we cannot find any info about it, we assume it’s not personal, so it will be wrong sometimes. 60% of our business customers use domains that are not well-known.

If it’s wrong, just submit feedback telling us about the domain.

I’ve toggled @globalint’s domain to personal (may take up to 5 minutes to take effect).

I am not an expert on pricing so I won’t touch that aspect but the new plans are not only overly complicated but also kind of discouraging for no-code proponents to learn Glide. I was attracted to glide with its ease of use and integrations. Even integration like OpenAI is moved to a paid tier which doesn’t make sense. Many people want to experiment with OpenAI API and at with other integrations and are looking for free plans. They are already paying to OpenAI and other platforms. Moving Airtable also out of free tier will be a big issue. I know many people who want to keep backend as Airtable and explore different front ends including Glide. If Glide is charging even for basic airtable integration then it will take many prospective developers away. At least limited use of integrations and airtable should be allowed in free tier else it will discourage lot of new learners for sure. May be Glide will earn more and sustain with new pricing but definitely they will loose the viral-ity of the product. If one can’t build something basic by using integrations or existing backend then no point of recommending. Again I am not a platform guy so may be it is just my frustration with new plans :slight_smile:


So the change from 500 users for $99 to 20 users for $125 has been kept… :fearful:


I think the changes for now are focused on the maker plan. The other plans will follow in due time. If I understood correctly


I’m not trying to be condescending or rude, nor am I defending the price change. My comment was taken out of context. I’m just simply stating the facts of the current situation. It seems that some people feel they are being forced off old plans today or within 3 months, which is not true to the best of my understanding. I’m just trying to dispell those rumors because that’s simply not the case as of Today. Will it be the case in the future…probably…but at no time has there been any indication that users with existing plans are affected…As Of Today. Now if you are on an old old legacy plan, then maybe it’s a different scenario since they are getting migrated (those affected were notified back in September).

Again, just trying to prevent rumors and express facts. I’m not advocating for anyone. I’m not here to speculate or spread false hope. I’m just trying to explain how Glide works as of today.

If I’m wrong, I’m happy to be corrected, but in no way am I trying to be rude. I’m in the exact same boat as everyone else, and trying to reevaluate the future of my apps, but at this moment I’m not yet concerned because my existing plans are staying the same for now. I don’t use Glide to make money. This is only a hobby for me.

If my words are not valued, I’m happy to free up a lot of my personal time. Simply trying to volunteer my unpaid free personal time in the forum eats up A LOT of my day. I want to see Glide succeed, because I’ve invested a lot of my personal time into it. If Glide fails, then I fail. That is why I am here, and that is why I TRY to help out when I can.


Thank you, @Jeff_Hager. I did not mention you by name because I was just trying to get across that the tone, in general, seems to have changed in the community. I appreciate the help you have given me in the past, and I, myself, have been trying very hard to “give back” to the community by helping others, much for the same reason as yourself, and, YES – it eats up a LOT of my free time. In part, it’s because I do not feel that my presence here is appreciated as building up the community – that was a different user who responded, “Oh well, see if you can get the community you serve to support the price increase!” (summing up the response I received).

There are others who do make money by building the community and helping others, and I have been very clear that they are absolutely right in doing so. That said, those of us who have helped build the community in our “free time” (LOL :rofl:) because we believe in Glide are an invaluable resource to the community, and I’d hate for that to change, I hate that the tone of the conversation has changed implying outright that only big corporations matter.


I appreciate your presence, @David_Gabler!


We’ve already addressed this with an entirely new classification system that consults a constantly-updated business, school, & non-profit database. These emails should work now, and if they don’t, you just have to ask us.

Why not facilitate the nonprofit domain in the settingsof the app?

As noted earlier, many schools, sports clubs or non-profit institutions have their own domain. These still fall outside the ‘personal validator’. And who doesn’t say that you don’t suddenly change the personal email validator and thus force migration to from the Maker plan to Teams

Repeating David’s point here:

These emails should work now, and if they don’t, you just have to ask us.

Check :white_check_mark:

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Hi David @david , I wanted to tell you that the Maker plan seems very good to me! It addresses many personal needs such as unlimited users, white-labeling, integrated AI. I wanted to ask if it’s also possible to enable the use of Google Analytics since, when creating apps for public use, it would be a great need to measure that interaction. Thanks for understanding a part of the community that needed this wonderful plan. I appreciate it if you can take into account the use of Analytics as it is crucial for measurement. On another note, I read somewhere that you are considering charging for additional apps, which also seems great. Thanks for this.


Your words are valued. Very Very Very Valued.

Thanks for all you have done for me personally (as well as @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy etc.) and for the community overall. A handful of experts have kept many of us going when Glide (the app, not the company) seemed impossible to work with. You all continually demonstrate insights into solutions for problems you have never seen but take the time to understand and help.

A BIG THANK YOU for your generous time, attitude and skills!