Unable to delete comments in builder

I’m in the builder, and when I right click on a comment to delete it, the pop-up panel for moving, duplicating and deleting the component appears. A little black bubble also appears behind the comment. Looks about the same size as the old white pop up bubble with the word delete for deleting the comment. This is when in Play Mode. In Select Mode, I only get the pop-up panel for moving, duping and deleting. This began today after the big 503 Errors everyone was getting. Last night, deleting comments worked fine. Anyone else observing this?

Delete them from the spreadsheet

It doesn’t work. And according to Glide documentation, that isn’t how comments are supposed to be deleted. I’ve deleted comments in the builder many times before. This problem just began today.

I see something similar, but the comments can be deleted. It just takes an extra click…

Try stacking at least two comments onto that comment thread and then deleting the one in top-most position. The bottom comment on mine behaves exactly like yours, but deleting any above the bottom comment on the list… well, take a look.

ah yes, I see what you mean… ugh

I really hope this is fixed soon. I have comments I’d like to delete ASAP but more pressing than that, if a troll were to decide to go crazy on our boards, I need to be able to address it quickly.

@John_Cabrera and @Darren_Murphy FYI, I posted a similar issue a little while back in case this additional feedback is helpful. A few users added on so it sounds like it’s a problem for several of us. Thx

Yeah, this is a slightly different issue than what I’m trying to fix (I just want to be able to delete them), but I’m seeing the same thing and it’s definitely annoying, even if I was able to access the Delete button below that Tool Menu. Shouldn’t that Tool menu only appear when you are in Select mode? Why have it appear in Play Mode at all?