UI Issues in custom actions

I’m having an issue with custom action where I need to enter quite a number of “If’s” and there’s no way to display them all :arrow_down:

Any help on that @Jason ?


Do you have a trackpad?

Using Chrome on my Macbook, I can simply pan back and forth using the trackpad. I’d imagine that a mouse with a horizontal scroll function would also work the same way?

The other thought:

Restructure your data and logic :slight_smile:

What you show feels extremely cumbersome. You have a value that changes in a column, then you want to manually (with typos!) do the if then logic.

@Darren_Murphy taught me to construct ite columns in the data editor, rather than having long visibility or compound action logics driving things.

It’s likely time for you to get into creative problem solving mode :slight_smile:

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ah yes, I had exactly the same thought but held my tongue.
Having that many conditionals in an action sequence smells quite badly :wink:
As you said, I find it good practice to keep as much of my logic as possible within the data editor. As a result, my component visibility/filtering settings rarely have any more one or two conditions.
Horses for courses, but I find it much easier to manage this way :slight_smile:

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And writing text in… argh!!! that is guaranteed to break!! If not today, or tomorrow, then soon, someday soon…

Thanks for your answer, my MacBook is connected to a screen so it’s not possible for me to pan back and forth with a « regular » mouse…