Two inline list that share the same search bar

Is this a bug? Not sure, but posting it here cause it’s really weird. If you have two inline lists on the same screen set for calendar (although I suspect this applies to any list-type setting) and they share the same search bar, is it normal that when the results for one is empty but the results for the other isn’t that you see the results for the one that isn’t empty but you also see the icon that says “No upcoming events” for the other? It looks… real weird.

Since search results show nothing but results (no titles giving us a sense for what list is what) shouldn’t the search results only show the “No upcoming events” icon if the results for all inlines lists on the screen are empty? I believe this was the case at one time.

Check if you enable Search bar in Options in both inline lists

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They are both enabled. Should only one be enabled?

No. Only one enabled means I can only search the one that is enabled. I want to search both from the same search bar. If both inline lists have the search bar enabled, this is what I get if one has a result but the other one doesn’t. It seems odd.

If the same search bar is being used for both, then it should know that one inline list still has results and it shouldn’t show the No upcoming events for the other. In fact, if both lists have no results, the page is totally blank… which seems reasonable.

OK, but both shows up the value users can search for? Like There's the Rub

Both inlines with Show search bar enabled and showing the values the users might search for


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No. They don’t. One searches a completely different set of data than the other. The same data-type. But different sets. One inline list has past events (gray), the other list has upcoming events (colored). I know I can keep those two data types in one list, but I don’t want to because I have information and titles I want to create for users pertaining to those two data types. So two lists. Both using the same search bar. Different data in each. If one has a result but the other doesn’t, the one that doesn’t shows that message. Which seems odd. If it’s the same search bar for both, it should know that there are still results for one and just show those.

In general, those “No upcoming event” notifications and graphics should be optional. They are not particularly appealing in all situations.

Because the search bar is enabled for both inline lists, on the screen you have two different components and Glide handles those separately, hence why it shows “No upcoming events” if there’s no results in one of them.

However, does it actually show “No upcoming events” in the real app though. I can recall it not working like that (not showing anything at all) last year.

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Ah! You’re right! It only does that in the builder. On the mobile app itself, it doesn’t do that. Interesting.

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