Translation mistakes for list relation

Hi, i got few translation bugs for “list relation” in Russian Language.
When list is more than 1 but less than 5 it must be “записи” (not “записей”)

for example:

  • 1 запись (correct for 1 record)
  • 2-4 записи (not “записей”)
  • 5-20 записей (correct for 5-20 records)
  • 21 запись (not “записей”)
  • 22-24 записи (not “записей”)
  • 25-30 записей (correct for 25-30 records)
  • X1 запись (not “записей”)
  • X2-X4 записи (not “записей”)
  • X5-X0 записей (correct for X5-X0 records)

@JackVaughan maybe you can escalate this to the engineers to verify and change these accordingly.

Hey thanks @ThinhDinh. Sorry for slow reply - been off.

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No worries Jack, hope things are going well your side. Have a nice week.