The path of image instead of e-mail, I mean overwritting some lines

I’m filtering but someone have seen this before?
some line, not all with the path of image overwriting the email? again, some lines!

I´ve checked if any of imaged picker was writing in the wrong field, but not.
I’m starting to think that I should stay in my free plan when all app was fine :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a bit difficult to understand - can you give a screenshot that demonstrates the problem?

sorry, something wrog when I pasted. note that I filter for not show the other emails.

Okay, I see your problem.
And yes, the most likely cause of that is if you have an input component writing to the wrong column.
So you should check your app very carefully.

Also, do you have any formulas in the GSheet that could possibly be causing that?
Are you running any scripts that write or copy values in the sheet?

I thought all these possibilities and I still investigating.
At the same time I made a point of pasting again, now showing the # of lines.
Notice that is not all lines, I mean input component or the script that has, should insert the path in all lines not some of them. This is my point. Got it?

No, sorry I don’t get it.
The screenshot you gave shows the image URL in every row of the email column.

no, notice that in the cell B1 I filtered and the numbers of line are not sequential
I didn’t paste opened or no filter because another lines show the emails.
Got it?

I can see a filter being applied, but I can’t tell what it’s filtering on.
So are you saying that the rows that aren’t shown don’t have the image URL?

Anyway, something is writing the value to those columns. Because I don’t have a deep understanding of your app and sheet, I can only make guesses at what might be the cause. So as I mentioned, I would be carefully checking all actions in your app that interact with that sheet, as well as any formulas or scripts that touch that sheet.

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Perfect - rows that arent shown have the right info, the email of user.

I filtered here [starting with https] only to show that some of lines are showing the path.
With all due respect although u r expert much more than me we dont ignore review my sheet and Glide, could did sth, regarding last events, specially no one could solve my issue. (Google Sync)
But I totally agree with u that I need to review. But I´m curious why somelines and not all lines!


It’s not writing a url to the email column. It’s just showing more of the url in column B because the email in column C is empty. It’s an empty column. Not a url in the email column. What you need to find out is why the email is empty. Expand your column width and it will make more sense.

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erm… the header shown in column B of his screenshot is “Email”

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no, guy, I’m gonna show only two lines in sequence for you see

The column C is optional but the e-mail of login is in the column B.

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Let´s Go

the column B has the email that user logs in.
I created column C as input text, because when I upgraded from free plan to basic, the email was anonymous. now, as a PRO plan I dont need the column C, but the issue of this topic is on column B being overwrite, in some lines, out of sequence, with path of image.

That´s it.

I assume that you have User Profiles configured?
Can you show a screenshot of that configuration?

ie. it should look something like this…

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 10.22.18 PM

Thx Darren. Yes Again the amazing brazilian guy @Lucas_Pires reviewed

I really don’t know what´s going on.
btw I reviewed the script as u asked me and update some lines but anyone was writing in the column B, let´s see. anyway I made some changes in order to guarantee that this tab wont receive any action of script.

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Okay, that’s great that Lucas is helping you. Hopefully he can help you figure it out. :+1:

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Yes, but I guess the Glide team should check as well. Lucas has limit of his time and some technical features he can’t check although all his kindness

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Sorry, had just woken up and read through the thread quickly. I misread that the Email Information column was the the one with the problem. Apologies.

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2 questions to understand your problem due to a script is involved now:

  1. Which columns is your script writing? It seems the script is using a wrong reference (column) during its execution. If you added or deleted some columns days ago, you must verify or change new positions (reference) associated to old columns used by your script.
    May you share part of your script and highlight the section where your script is writing to Imagen column (D column)?
  2. Do you have an active filter or any columns are hidden while your script is running btw?

I have seen strange things in GS using these cases. The worst one is when you freeze rows or columns. E.g. if you have a sheet with +10 rows and freeze some row> 3 ( 5, 7 or 6) to see the same data when you scroll, you will notice that nothing wrong happens in that sheet but if you reload your APP from GDE, Glide loses the columns header and everything is a chaos.


I used to run into this problem a lot, but I’ve changed the way I write my scripts to protect against it.
Now, every time I have a function that will be writing data to a sheet, I have a few lines that look like this:

  var headers = sheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, sheet.getLastColumn()).getValues().shift();
  var name_index = headers.indexOf('Name');
  var title_index = headers.indexOf('Title');
  var location_index = headers.indexOf('Location');

then later on in my function, when I need to write a value back to the sheet, I’ll do something like this:

sheet.getRange(next_row, name_index + 1).setValue(name);

No more hard-coded column references, and no more seeing things break when I add, remove or re-arrange columns. All I need to do is make sure I don’t rename any columns. Helps me to sleep much easier at night :wink:

NB: the index + 1 when doing setValue is necessary because Javascript arrays are zero-based, whereas the GAS getRange method is one-based