The 'delete column' bug /// which is a really bad persistent bug that MUST get fixed

This happens ALL the time across LOTS OF MY APPS.

Expected user path:

  • I want to delete a column
  • I select the column, and use the drop down to choose Delete
  • I would expect 'do you want to delete column ‘XYZ’
    (( but not, I have the super helpful ‘this column’ … which is only a problem because of what happens, or does not happen next ))
  • I would then expect the column to be deleted if I click ok, and not deleted if I click cancel


  • columns do not delete…

and if I do it a few times, there is no undo function in the data editor so if the ‘delete’ actually works, I might have ended up deleting very valuable columns… in a LIVE PRODUCTION SYSTEM.

So, please, can this fix be escalated.

Kindest regards and best wishes, M

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Deleting columns basically does not work. (the video loop is how the ‘feature’ ‘works’)

Shame that it is an essential feature…

I will take the day off then.

2021-06-12 10.43.12

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and we still need to complete the integromat / webhook to update the active agent’s details (as right now they do not get their status set properly)