The change i made in the builder NOT APPLY to the app

My app’s URL: Glide

I got 2 errors.

  • I edit in the builder, but the change i made in builder not apply for the app in the phone.
    -The app usually can not reloading the Google Sheet many times. Everytime i click reload, I must try 5-10 times to reloading the Googlle sheet.
    I’ve sent mait to glide support many times but no solution. Somebody can help me this error, it affect my work so bad. Two problems make me very tired everytime i edit the app.

Thanks so much.

Is your app very big data-wise and are you using a lot of formulas inside the Sheet?


12.000 row, i don’t know how big it is. My app got 35tab.

Ps: mình có nhắn tin cho bạn trong hòm thư. Rất vui được biết bạn.

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12000 is already a big one, and 35 tabs is also a lot. May we know why you use so many tabs?

I Use for my work. I think it still ok with 12k row, could you help me to fix it.

12000 rows would make the loading time potentially slower than what you want. I would try to bring as much data to Glide Tables as I can.

Thanks for your help! What i must do to continue editing this app from now and then.

I deleted every data that i could. But, At this time, my app still could not apply the newest change i was made. I’m stuck.

What were the specific changes that you made?

Thinh, my primary app in Glide has 22k rows and uses over 100 tabs. My updates still take less than 2 minutes to see and my refresh is less than 1 minute.

Probably the poster expected a faster reload, so I was trying to ask.

Wow, that’s my dream. My app got 35 tab with 12k row, it take me 30 min & 4-5times error “Oh sheet! Glide could not reloadng” to reloading the sheet every times. i go crazy when reloading the sheet.

I mail to glide support 4 times, but no solution. They answer me because my app got a alot of tab (35tab), so they can not doing things to fix my proplem.

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I just made some column with if-then-else funtion, about 15 columns. That’t all.

I would say let one of us look at your app and it’s sheets and we could see whats wrong but most people dont want to share their work in that manner. But it’s up to you. We can speculate and troubleshoot but without having hands on its just speculation.

This app is too large for us to save & publish it. You will need to remove extra screens, or extra computed columns where you can.

We’re working on increase app size, but for now you must simplify it.

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