The application menu does not work

My app’s URL:

when I click on the menu of my application, nothing happens even though everything was working correctly in early July. How to do ?

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Has it been a public app all that time? This “menu” is only available for public apps with no user profiles table.

Yes it has been a public app all that time, i have changed nothing.

If it is a public app all that time then what was your “Menu” before?

They look like inline lists - maybe the same as this issue?

See response from Mark in the same thread:

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We are actually pushing a hotfix to this right now, which might cause some new applications to have a Show Detail Screen action in Inline Lists when it should be None, but it can be reset easily. There unfortunately was no way to fix the old apps without potentially messing with a few new ones.

(Aside: we’re not actually modifying any of the apps, it’s all just about how the description of the app is interpreted by Glide)


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