The app does not load, black/white screen

My app’s URL:


I created an app few days ago. It was working properly. Yesterday I made some modifications in the app and in the ggsheet whick is linked to it.
Since, the app doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t load, on computer or android smartphone. The screen is white or black, depending on your settings I assume, and there is no loading sign anywhere.

Could you help me to make it work again?

Thank you in advance

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I can reproduce the issue. What changes did you make yesterday?

In the app: I added some items (action text & text entry) in the existing tabs. I also added new tabs.

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Happens to me as well.

Just close it and reopen again it will fix it

I closed it and reopened, it still doesn’t work here

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Did you also exit it completely or just exit it?

Completely I think. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone. The problem is still here

J’ai depuis hier le même soucis. (Voir sujet Chargement des glisses, section bugs)
J’ai créé l’application, une première fois ça fonctionnait et sans raison exactement même souci écran blanc. J’ai déja dupliqué l’app 2 fois. créé un nouveau compte, dupliqué de nouveau . Alors je viens de repasser 2heures a recréer l’app à partir de rien et après publication, je rentre l’e-mail, le code pin et écran blanc de nouveau. tout fermer , reconnexion idem. si je referme pas , que ça me laisse connecté j’ai écran blanc direct.

Do you have any visible tabs in the main Tab area? We are getting a lot of cases where the only visible Tabs are in the Menu area. Move at least one of them to the upper Tab area.


I’ve just moved one of my tables in the Menu area and yes, it seems to work ! Thank you for your help

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Pour moi aussi, ça a fonctionné. J’avais tout mes onglets dans menu. J’en ai remis un seul dans la partie supérieur et l’app fonctionne. Merci encore.