Template not working in the editor

hey there i have a problem where the template format doesn’t work and i dont know why even though it shows correct in the table , in the editor it doesn’t show the number im probably doing something wrong but i dont know what
im using a rollup number then a template to add text and display it in action text (i have used also plain text and still doesnt show it )

Do you have row owners enabled for any tables in your app?

no for none

Try clicking on the “data” part in the left hand side panel. Do you see the text being the same?

it shows without the number…

That means there might be something wrong with your rollup. Can you show us the settings of that rollup, and the table that it is linked to?

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the rollup counts the true of the following column

actually i fixed it by chance i just changed the rollup as you said
the previous was users-> following (Boolean)
and now i put the relation

How is it different? Does it make the template work?

yeah for some reason you need to choose the rel_following instead of the following in order to work.
i dont know why…

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