Tablet view right panel empty

I don’t know if this is a bug, but sometimes right panel in the tablet view is empty when App is just open. I have other Apps, that from the beginning, right panel shows first item from the list in the left panel, but my new App have empty right panel. I did try deferent list views and arrangements, nothing works.
left panel have only list, no details.

Anybody have a solution?

Just don’t put CSS into next screen… lol
I have to rebuild my App again :wink:

I love talking to myself

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While this is a bug, have you tried to send an email to and record a loom video showing the bug? I guess people there can help you in a faster way

Uhm I’ve always known like that.

If you add a “Go Back” action to your detail screen, you get an empty screen.

hmm… try to add inline list as a button with go back action… i did that and is not affecting anymore

i already fixed the problem… removed back buttons and CSS