Tab Visibility Suddenly Broken (Ahhh!)

Hi All,

All of a sudden everyone using my app can only see my initial “Welcome” tab and can’t move past that screen. Normally this tab goes away after a form on the screen has been completed. The form is now showing up empty and also with frozen-fields for all users.

I had not changed anything, things were working great for almost a year and this just happened spontaneously! When I log into the developer dashboard everything looks correct and that tab says “This screen’s visibility condition is false” just as it should. But in practice within the actual published app, this is not happening. There is also an “admin” tab in the side menu that only I should see - and I can still access it on the dashboard but it’s now gone from my view in the published app.

Did a functionality change within the last day or so? I assumed Glide was having a major issue but I seem to be the only one with a broken app :pensive:

I can’t share my app link publicly but can privately send it to anyone @ Glide support if this is not a known issue :pray:t2:

Hola @a.manda

Could you create a support ticket?

Send a narrated video and a support link.

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Thanks for the link! Doing this now :pray:t2:

ETA: For anyone else experiencing a sudden hair-tearing tab visibility issue, I have discovered the problem to be a sudden change made to my app (seemingly a Glide bug) that switched all user log-in emails to be anonymous. For reference:

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