Tab Visibility in GDE No Longer Functioning

Maybe I’m having a bad week, but I seem to have lost the smart feature in teh GDE whereby when a tab should not be visible if becomes blurred out and the GDE says “Do you want to view it anyway”. Anybody else experiencing this? Thanks.


I saw it just a while ago, but didn’t pay much attention at the time as I was focussed on something else.

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Well it’s Friday, I have two users shouting at me about list card spacing, another who won’t start their trial without the correct brand colour in place, and now even the GDE is stressing me out. It may well be time to pack in for the day and pour a large G&T.


The golf is on :golfing_man:‍♂


It’s actually National G&T day, so this is a good thing! :grinning:

I have not experienced this, however.

Not in the UK however … it probably still counts - cheers!

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Hi… Black display :frowning:

Ya, I noticed this too.

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Seems like it’s fixed now. Great news.

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