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That’s normal for the deep link. There is information encoded in that randomness that tells the app how to navigate to the correct screen through the correct tab. There is a whole lot more to it than just random letters and numbers. If you wanted a shorter url, then you would have to integrate with a third party url shortening service.


Hi Jeff,
A few questions please, which are probably interlinked:

  1. My deep link are shorter (without using a shortner). Is there a reason?
  2. My deep links end with “/layout”, and not “/full” as shown above. Again, any reason?
  3. The deep link is sending me to the editor screen, and not the “live app” screen. Why?
  4. Can we rely on the fact that these links won’t change? I recall having a similar conversation a while back in which I was explained that deep link WILL change. If they do change, how can we share them with users?

1 2 3) You probably aquired the deep link while using the app in the builder. You need to do it while using the published app url. The root of the deep link comes from the root of the url you are currently using to view the app.
4) I would not 100% rely on the url not changing. Certain changes you make to the app can change the path to get to that screen, so the url would likely change. If you never change your app again, or only make very minor cosmetic changes, then the url may stay the same.

What we know for sure is that the url is base64 encoded, and contains a row id, tab location index, and some other info, such as app name and description. The rest we are unsure about. Basically the url instructs the app to open and navigate through your tabs and screens to the same spot when the deep link was aquired. Changing that path changes the url.


This is a point that needs to be talked about more when people work with deep links. A certain “details view” of a row may have 2 different deep links if they are placed in 2 different tabs. I believe moving tabs’ position and changing the screen name will both affect the deep link.

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This isn’t work for me at all :frowning:
It just takes me to the app and I’m back at square one, not the specific page I want

Can you reproduce your problem in a recording and send the link here for us? You can use something like Loom.