Slow updating data in my app (even for the user on their own app on their device)

Here is the user and agent flow (both sides, live)

  • user starts a corona test
  • a button sets a toggle - user is ready for video = true
    — using the same Glide Table, the agent on the other side will then see the inline list have someone popup for a test (takes 10-20 seconds)
  • agent clicks into the user session…
    … value column set toggle-isassigning = true
    and behind the scenes a webhook is sent to integromat to pass the agent email, plus the verify ID for the session… then integromat writes this back to the Agent GS (so we can handle the ‘race condition’ - as there is up to 15 seconds where the inline list is waiting to pick up the value of ‘toggle-isassigning’ as being true!

next the agent is in a tab - filter = they can see the user row WHEN they are the race winner (integromat sends data in about 3 seconds… Glide takes 10 - 25 seconds to wake up)

  • the winning agent gets a button to continue the session - and starts a video
    (the Jitsi video is becoming more stable - quite often one side cannot see the other, but if you ‘restart’ then it works- by going back into the video session URL… weird)

Then the agent is doing their work every click increments the agent increment by 1. At the end, agent inc = 7 and the video finishes (and leave the user hanging for 10-20 seconds).

And immediately we should see (and it used to work) the timer for how much time to wait // but not Glide decides to go into space for about a minute before it decides to talk back to the user’s device (on this case… my new super fast mac, Chrome, etc).

Things may have even gotten worse too (on the timer not showing).

Not a great thing!

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Hola Mark!

Let me understand better…

  • Are you having problems to read your GS fast (Agent GS?) which is where Integromat writes its reply?

I mean, the IGT’s value is written to GS in 3-5 sec but Glides seems to not notice it and lasts up to 20 sec to sync your APP (or some times it doesn’t happen)?

  • Does your “toggle-isassigning” column belong to a GT or Agent GS?


  1. some things are written to GS (like the url of the pdf and certificate) but it takes glide 20-60 seconds to recognize the change (and it can be longer)
  2. toggle is assigning lives in a GT

Ok but your main problem (currently) is that Glide doesn’t notice any change in your GS when a new IGT’s reply is written… right?

If so, you should send any value (simultaneously with your Webhook) to that GS to notify Glide that waits for a new update during 16-20 sec. I call it a “dummy write”.

So, Glide will open a time window (checking new updates) up to 20 sec and if IGT’s reply arrives in this period you will see newer data on your APP otherwise, you must wait the automatic refresh (Pro plan) set to 4-5 min (or another write to GS) to see new data on APP.

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Actually, @Mark_Turrell this may be worth a try to help speed things up a bit. If you recall when we first started down this path we were doing this: sending an Integromat webhook and an update to the GSheet at the same time. The interesting thing about that is that the data from Integromat was almost always arriving before the data from Glide. But this could work in our favour - because if Glide is writing data to the sheet, then (presumably) it will also pick up any new changes to the sheet at the same time. So if the data from Integromat is already there… mmm?

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Right @Darren_Murphy

I learnt and knew about this phenomenon working with my IIot APP using Integromat to fire my Gateway’s API Rest.

Always, the Webhook (Integromat) was faster than my write to my GS (dummy write) and I had to “downgrade” my idea in order to have a better and reliable performance. :upside_down_face:

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