Single Values / glide reset numbering ‘from start’

I use single value lookups in all my apps. I have multiple rows to pick from, so I use the row number.

It used to be - if I had a string column:
S/1 = single value, through a rel, first
S/2 = fron start, row 2
… and so on

But now the data editor (in every apo, every sc column) shows
S/2 row 1…
And so on

It is picking up the right rows, so it didn’t break, but it makes no logical sense. I checked with @Darren_Murphy and he reports the same issue.

Anything changes, @Mark ? Thanks!

Sorry, we didn’t communicate this.

There was an inconsistency in the Single Value indexes. When you entered the index manually in the column configuration, it was one-based, i.e. the first element had index 1. But when you used another column to specify the index, it was zero-based, i.e. the first element had index 0.

We changed it so that both are zero-based now. That was the only way to not break existing apps or have some weird backward-compatible behavior.


OK - so I did not go mad then :slight_smile: Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

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