Signing in with Google issue

My app’s URL:
Signing in using the Google button doesnt work anymore, what happened? what do I need to do to fix this?


I just signed into your app with Google.

How does it appear to not work for you? What are you trying and what is the result?

I just tried signing in using Google and it works normally as well.

this feature worked fine for months but now it doesn’t for me, I’m not sure what happened. When I select the Sign in with Google button it takes me to the Choose an account screen, I select the account that I want to use then it takes me back to the initial sign in screen. It seems to work when I try to get access from the browser but when I try to gain access from the ‘add to home screen’ icon it doesn’t work.

Can you attach a link to the video of the bug in action? Thank you.

you should be able to experience what I am if you add the app to home screen then try to access it using the sign in with Google button

It’s working for me.

I’m not sure if something was done but its working now.

Did you clear the cache at any point?

No, how do I do that?

Its back to not working again

Can you try clearing the browser history/cache from the browser you installed the app with?

it happens when you login 2 gmail accounts. I also met

Do you mean you have 2 different Gmail accounts signed in at the same time in your default browser that installed the app?

Can you attach a video?


it is the gmail select but it is not log in, it is not display error, only is it is not active

If you can show it in a Loom link it would be great.