with Google Doesn't work

Sign-in with Google doesn’t work. Is there any reason why? Anybody have problem like this?

Can you record a video of the problem?

Yes, it does work.
For thousands (maybe millions?) of users all over the world, every day.
If it doesn’t work for you, or your users, then there is probably something different about your app or your environment, or the way your users are interacting with it.

What happens when you try?
Is there an error?
If there is, what does the error say?
Does it only affect some of your users, or all of your users?
It is with one specific app, or several of your apps?

If you need help troubleshooting, then you’ll need to provide more information. As Thinh suggests, a video demonstrating the issue would be a good start. And perhaps some answers to the above questions.


It works now, but in some moment, hard to login… Just see with screen after hit the google account. But now it’a works. Thx you guys…

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