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Hello, I’m trying to upload an image to the login screen but no image is uploading
I tried to mount a mobile-adapted counter but it also failed
what can we do ?

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I need help I’m trying to upload a picture to the login screen and it does not give me
It is important to note that I use PRO

What type of file are you trying to upload there? Is it .jpg or .png?

hi , the type is jpg

Is the file size too big?

3.87 mb

Can you try reducing the size of the image then upload again? I think it’s a bit big.

Yes i will try now.

It does not work, I reduced the jpg image to 150kb

Can you include a video of the bug in action?

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I have the same problem. I can’t choose neither background nor logo.
How to send or attach the video?

Moreover, yesterday everything worked fine with the same app.

You can record your problem with and send the link for us here.

video with bug: screencast - Google Drive

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Please create a support ticket so the support team can help your case.

Make sure you attach the Loom video above as well. Thank you.

Thank you, ThinhDinh!

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