Show form button not working, why?

Hello Gliders!

I came across this problem, wich I didn’t notice yet: I inserted a “Show form button” but this only pop out when the ID of the person who’s viewing that screen is already in the form’s data source or sheet tab.

This makes no sense since its purpose is to allow a user to add a new element in that tab.

Following some prints of the error:

Hope somebody can help :pray:t3:

Do you have a filter on the tab? The tab may be showing content, but if the underlying screen is not attached to a row, then that is going to cause a problem. If you are adding a list or other content anyway, with no need for it to be directly tied to the underlying row, then there isn’t really a need for a filter. You could also have another table with a single row to serve as your tab, and then put your garage content on that details screen.


Bless you! :grin:

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