Set Columns through a Relationship - slow or just not working

Setting values through a relationship is really not a good experience… :frowning:

In this example

  • agent is working with a user (sheet source = testflow, filter verify ID of the user session = current verify ID of the agent)
  • that bit works
    BUT at the end we need to clear the values from the current agent - when it is blank, they can be assigned users again.

However this is either 1) very very slow or 2) does not work at all.


@Mark_Turrell I think we solved this one, eh? :wink:

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integromat as an external truth teller and setter of values :wink:

Well, yes. But also, in this particular case, setting a value through a single relation won’t work if the relation isn’t formed :slight_smile:


:wink: I knew there was another reason… :wink:

Maybe I misunderstand what’s going on, but in your video you show that the current agent relation is empty. The Set action can’t write into an empty relation.


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I got that one fixed - Darren helped me to work out that the users email had been written in one place with a capital letter. So this example is not a bug at all. I’ll look for other situations (and hopefully these are just empty relationships, so app errors not Glide bugs). Thanks!

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Think we should close this one…

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