Set Columns does not work on Submit Actions

Hi gliders!
Does anybody had have the issue when Set Columns not working On Submit Actions?
My app’s URL:
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As you can see Set Columns does not works.
Why Set Columns does not work, and how to solve this?


I also have problems with set column. I haven’t nailed the problem completely but I’m setting a value in another table and the value I’m setting is from google sheets.
It seems to work when I’m setting a computed value instead. So there might be a timing issue.

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A timing problem. Try inserting some other action before the set column action. One or more show notifications for example.

I don’t know how reliable it is but I remember I solved a problem like this just in that way.

Are the values you are trying to set before the values are actually saved? Or are the values existing values

I have a BIG issue that I cannot do Set Columns through a relationship.

Use case:

  • I have a table ‘testflow’
  • I have a clever trick to have a template column that picks up the user email (tp-current user)
  • then a relationship column back to rel-current user (connects tp-current user to the email in the Agent table)

And then

  • set columns in a button - not this item, but rel-current user = toggle-busy = clear value

But it is not working. And therefore making a mess of my app :(((

Krivo, i tried to set on my columns the current Date & Time.

Thank you, i’ve just inserted few actions

  • but Set Columns still not work((
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Are you using a form which you are submitting?

Yes, an Edit Form.

I think that is the problem. You should use a special column and not use an action as the row isn’t yet saved

Hmmm maybe, thank you very much, Krivo.
But still the questions are

  1. Unfortunately seems using the Special columns is not for my case or at least i do not know how to use it. Because in my usecase i have multiple conditions to set the different columns depending on values in edited row. How could it possible by using the special column?
  2. I’m trying to save the constant data (current date&time) to the existing already row and column using the Edit Form, not the Form for adding row. It’s strange why this option Set Column is available there where it will not work?
  3. How many other actions are also not working and in which cases? To do not waste the time in such cases looking what is wrong, but there is nothing wrong, just not works when should)
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PS for 1) For example, if the column ResponsiblePerson is not empty, i need to fill the current Date&Time saved in the Column DateAssigned. And such way i have a few Date&Time stamp-field for tracking each steps in my item story logic.

And THANK YOU again,
because this my explanation bring me forward to rethink how to use not the Special Columns, but Column Values of nearby calculated Column to fill the target Column without an Actions)

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