Rollup calculated fields: incorrect output on pages

I get the values in the fields by rolluping by counting the quantities and summing up the linked data. I put them on the pages and they get the wrong values.
And this applies to both summing and counting values.

I am attaching screenshots of the table with the values and the values on the page. The order of the values in the table matches the order of the values on the page (tables and output in Russian, but the principle is clearly visible). Selected user from the first row to display on the page (that’s why it’s highlighted in black).



Are you using row owners in your app?

Looks like it’s the case as there are some greyed out rows on the first screenshot.

You’re right, that turned out to be the problem. But the question then arises about the speed of updating the data - it only updated after 20 minutes and not all at once, but in parts. I don’t mind this delay in updating, but I would then like to know about it.
The app is in PRO.

P.S. I apologise if I was harsh.

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Could you explain the delay in a bit more detail e.g. were you making changes from the app or changes to the sheet externally?

For test calculation I use 3 rows, rows contain Row owner (on email).
The task is to calculate how many clients the user brought in and how much money they earned for the application (referral program).
The rows are linked to other tables. The data is pulled in via the relationship fields:

  • rollup, count, sheet “clients”, link through the field “partner code”; the sheet contains the row owner on the field email
  • rollup, sum, sheet “purchasing”, link via the field “partner code”; the sheet contains the row owner on the field email

At the same time, the row owner on both sheets was not the partner (for whom the calculation is done), but the client. Therefore the partner should have initially received zeros in the result.
After the calculation fields were created, they were filled in with the correct calculation data. When the page was published, zeros started appearing on the page. At the same time the data in the table are correct (see screenshots). Refreshed the page with the table, including via cache reset - nothing has changed.
It seems to be a situation, when in one place the calculation has already passed (output of values on the page), but in another place it has not (output of values in the table).
After some time in the table first the values for one partner are correct (zeros), after 10 minutes the values for the second partner are correct.

Do the values always look ok in the Glide editor? Is it just the app display that appears wrong?

The problem occurred once and only in this particular case. In the other cases the calculation is more or less quick, within 0.5 minutes at the most.
I remind you that the correct value was displayed in the application, but the incorrect value was displayed in the editor, calculated without taking into account the rights given to the row owners.

Ok. I’ve never seen that before. Even in very large apps. Maybe just a “glitch” so fingers-crossed that you don’t experience it again.

Thanks for your help)

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