Request: Google Slides Component

I use this app to link to google slides games I’ve made for students. On google sites I can add a component that has google slideshow right there in the site. I know this would take some development so I thought I’d leave this suggestion!

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What do you mean,


I use hyper links and animations to make google slides that are playable as a point/click adventure game for my 2nd grade classroom.

Amazing. Could you share a link of one of them?

Sure. Here’s one from our halloween level. I use it for read aloud practice, and has some math/ grammar review as well.

Haunted Mansion

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@Mr_Watkin Very cool look and presentation of the slides. I had no idea you could do all of that with Google Slides. Great job!

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@Mr_Watkin I just :heart: your post because that presentation was just so amazing. Could you tell me how you made it?

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Beautiful :heart:

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Thank you! As far as making the actual presentation, I find pngs, gifs, background, etc to create the setting. Then I animate certain objects, and and insert hyperlinks that will link you to certain pages based on your response. If you liked that and want to see what we’re doing in class now, you can check out my glide app (:smirk:) >>>

here’s a tweet about what we’re doing in class right now, check out the thread

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I love it. You are a genius! (Or your apps are really cool.) :smiley: