Request: Google Slides Component

I use this app to link to google slides games I’ve made for students. On google sites I can add a component that has google slideshow right there in the site. I know this would take some development so I thought I’d leave this suggestion!


What do you mean,


I use hyper links and animations to make google slides that are playable as a point/click adventure game for my 2nd grade classroom.

Amazing. Could you share a link of one of them?

Sure. Here’s one from our halloween level. I use it for read aloud practice, and has some math/ grammar review as well.

Haunted Mansion


@Mr_Watkin Very cool look and presentation of the slides. I had no idea you could do all of that with Google Slides. Great job!

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@Mr_Watkin I just :heart: your post because that presentation was just so amazing. Could you tell me how you made it?

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Beautiful :heart:

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I love it. You are a genius! (Or your apps are really cool.) :smiley:

I totally missed this post!! @Mr_Watkin I started using Glide to help make things easier for my FB group to search a large database of Google Slides games. PM me if you’d like access to that bank of resources! I’d be more than happy to share. A lot of the files are specific to the teaching company we all work for, but a lot of them are applicable to the brick and mortar classroom as well.


Hey @Mr_Watkin,

Awesome job! I have been creating an app for my Spanish 1 class and your app gave me a couple of ideas. I hope you have the time to help me with it.