Relationship field has values in GlideTable, but do not show up in "Data" tab in design mode

Sorry in advance app is in russian.

Here is the question. I have a relationship column and I see there are values in it in table view. I want to present those values as inline list, but when I do so there are no values. When I inspect them in data tab it is empty.

I have more or less the same relationship field, and it is displayed perfectly.

My assumption was that the problem is with “Row ownership”, so I copied + lookedup all the values to separate table, but it is still empty.

Row in question is RED, and BLUE is the one working fiine

Can you show how you built your relation and explain where the relation is pointing to? Does the sheet that your relation points to have row owners? Are you trying to find matches for family members with row owner emails that don’t match your email?

Relationship is pointing to the same table of users. Yes I am trying to make a relationship of family members where one is the main member and other are related to him.

Yes there is a row ownership, moreover - when I remove this ownership I can see the inline list (though it doesn’t fit my logic. I was trying to fix this ownership with creating additional table (which is mostly the copy of the users table, and make a relationship with members from that table, but it seems that lookup functionality also is “looking for ownership”.

Anyway I managed to make a workaround for logic i was looking for.

But i wonder if this is how it should work? Or it is a bug. Thanks

Row Owners prevents data from being downloaded if the email does not match. If the data isn’t downloaded, then there will be nothing to show. It’s a security measure to prevent unauthorized access to data, because it is really easy to access the hidden data if you know how to find it. If you are trying to view rows in a table that has row owners, you will only get the data that matches your email address.

You either need to have another column that can contain the main family member’s email and also mark that as Row Owner, or remove Row Owners (which is less secure).


Thanks for pointing this out

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