Redo our work in glide after multiple tabs open

Hi i am having this issue. when i accidently leave a second tab open. of the app (i know i shouldn’t but it happens. ) The next day when i want to continue the work it resets all my work and effort i put in. Is there a way we can add a feature where it askes us with a preview what version should be restored. This happens frequently. Thank you.

hmm, this also happened to me just today. Although in my case I’m quite certain that I didn’t have the app builder open in more than one tab.

Yesterday, I created a new Glide Table and then built a whole new screen with a bunch of components on top of that table. This morning I woke up to find it all gone! :scream:

  • All of the components I had created had disappeared
  • The Glide table was still there, but all but two columns had gone (I had created about 20-30 columns)

In my case, I’ve submitted a support ticket as this particular app is under an enterprise plan.

Should i wait and not continue my work hoping this will be resolved? or spend time redoing all my work?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m in the same situation as you…
I’m probably going to redo mine, as it’s not a huge amount of effort. But my main concern is that if it happened once, it could happen again - with a much greater impact…

I want to add a bit more info if it helps. All day my app worked on my phone with the new design. until i logged in on my computer. i worked hours on yesterday’s design but it seams as its all lost. i may not have a choice but to start again.

Yesterday I had a few crashes during a Glide session. Pages going blank and having to close and navigate back to a project. Never happened before.

I was also presenting my app to a team in Japan. Only 2 out of 5 could install and login to the App… At first I assumed it was my App.

I read in the news that yesterday there was a major global outage on the WWW. Many big names affected. I wonder if the 2 are connected.