Problem with app icons

We’re fixing this very soon, iOS has a new caching issue with these icons. It should be fixed tomorrow.


Hi there! I have the same issue with the icon not downloading on home screens as the newest one I’ve updated. Please help!

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Is this currently a bug? App icon not updating to new icon when installing app to homescreen. Its updated in the glide dashboard and app settings.

Do I have to clear the cache of my phone or brower for the new logo to be disaplyed when downloaded?

I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but deleting the app icon and re-installing should definitely get you the new icon.

Nope, doesnt work. The app icon from 2 days ago is still showing up on mobile install. I’ve deleted and installed like 10 times.

Sorry, I can’t explain that. It’s always worked for me.

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Have you tried clearing your cache? I believe the app icon is hard cached to the device so we do see problems like this once in a while.

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Where do I clear the cache? The app settings itself doesn’t have any clear cache option.

You can try clearing the cache in the browser that you used to install the app.

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Cleared the cache for last 4 weeks, still uploads the old icon when downloaded. When I look at the site url however the updated icon is being displayed.

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Have you tried it on a new device?

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Yes,and cleared the cache there too. Anyone else having his issue?

Hi there !

I have the same situation but only with the device I used to do the test with the first icon I publishied, now that the client is using it for the fisrt time he can see the new logo when he do the “Add to home screen”