🔧 PRO tip for workarounds

If you are frustrated that Glide does not have all elements or column types that you need to solve your problems… don’t give up!
No platform can offer everything… but Glide has 2 elements and 2 column types that you can build anything you want using just them…

Can you guess which one? :wink:

Come on! We’ve come to play, right? So I’ll take a risk…
Elements: Ritch Text and Web Embed
Column types: JavaScript and Fetch JSON
Did I get any of them right?

Almost… You got 50% right
but to be fair… if you use web embed… (paid plan for Pages), then you need only 1… but it would be just placing another app inside Glide… so I don’t consider that.

So… rich text, because you can create anything you want for the UI using HTML… plus you can attach an action to it…
and JavaScript, because you can replace any other logic column including Fetch Json…

you have 50% right… you are missing input and storage components…


The 4 components that you need to make anything in Glide are:


  1. text entry
  2. rich-text


  1. type: text
  2. type: JavaScript

That’s all… You can create almost everything using just these 4… (in Classic Apps, you can create everything thanks to CSS)


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